Thursday, 20 December 2012

ABOUT Young Pride

In the last six years, did you participate in the Youth in Action Programme? Maybe it was a Youth Exchange, a Youth Initiatives or a European Voluntary Service, perhaps you remember taking part in a Youth in Action Young People’s meeting…did you go abroad or do something in the UK?

How about the Lifelong Learning Programme, were you hosted as an Grundtvig assistant, took part in a Workshop or perhaps a Leonardo Da Vinci mobility activity?

If so, we want to meet you, to share your experiences, celebrate your achievements and investigate ways to capitalise on your experiences. Maybe hearing about what other people did will inspire you to undertake another similar experience.

What is it about ?
Young Pride is a National Youth Meeting which aims to bring together young people who were previous recipients of EU funded programmes (Youth In Action - EVS, Youth Exchange...- Lifelong Learning - Leonardo, Grundtvig etc).
The objectives is to:
  • Share and evaluate past projects.
  • Discover how you can capitalise on the international experience and see how you could use your news knowledge and skills in the future.
  • Discuss the future of the programme to inform policy makers of direct youth recommendations relating to these two programmes.
  • Offer participants future opportunities in international mobility.

The event will include a wide variety of activities such as plenary, video rooms, creative workshops in photography, music or arts to unpack participant’s experiences; as well as workshops such as a YOUTHPASS, Europass CV workshop and a Youth Initiatives workshop, etc.

When? 1st (evening) & 2nd March (all day) 2013.
Where? Radisson Blu, Leeds

Who can participate ? Young people who have participated in a EU Lifelong Learning or Youth in Action activity between 2007 and 2012.

How much deos it cost? No Cost.

Language of the Workshop : English.

Expected number of participants : 100 participants from all around the UK.

Practical arrangements :
After your application is accepted we will give you a budget to buy your return ticket. We will also book overnight accommodation for people living oustide the West Yorkshire.

Application deadline: 31st January 2012, 1pm.

Project supported by The British Council and the Youth in Action programme of the European Commission. 



Who can apply?
Young people who have taken part in a Youth in Action or Lifelong Learning Programme between 2007 and 2012. (You are maybe not young anymore! But this is ok as long as you were eligible for the activity when it took place).

How to apply?
If you want to join this event which will take place in Leeds during two days (28th February and 1st March 2013), please follow this process:
1-  Click on the following link to access the application form on our website: .
2 - Complete the application and please write ''Young Pride'' on the ''Name of the project'' boxe.
3 - Don't forget to tick the last boxe before to click on ''Submit''.

> We will contact you very soon.

Previous projects.

Every year, Everything Is Possible organise many projects (trainings, workshops) with very different themes.
In 2012, we organised events around inclusion, sport, conflict resolutaion, circus, olympic games, common wealth, recycling and festival, on which we always had a fantastic feedback. These events really had a positive impacts on all participants and helped them to achieve their goals.