The first group of sessions will give you an opportunity to consider your time in an international activity. What did you gain from it? Has it made an impact on your life and your future? Each session will offer a different way to evaluate your experience. Read the descriptions below and decide which methodology you prefer to use for your evaluation.

Drama- Ali & Amy
Aspiration Island Youth Exchange - Can You Be Chosen? Has your international experience helped you become more employable? Do you stand out from the crowd now? What have you got that others haven’t? Perhaps a better understanding of other cultures, or a new ability to promote yourself. A fictitious youth exchange will be created in this session and participants will have the opportunity to evaluate skills they have developed during their international activity which make them a good candidate to be chosen by the rest of the group.


Graffiti Art- Marcus
Hyro Graff will be delivering a graphic and street art inspired expressive arts session. This session will involve participants creating stylized "key" words and colourful backgrounds using paint pens onto Vinyl disks (or small boards). With support of a professional Graffiti Artist the Participants will be encouraged to use their imagination and inject their own personality into the work.


Framing your experience- Eva & Bob
This workshop is an artistic reflection on a picture that represents your experience, learning process or involvement in any project. If you are interested please send us your photo by email before the 27th of February. We will print it in high quality ready for you to take part in a creative framing workshop to make your souvenir as unique as you experience.

Who am I? Brand Me! - Helen
Who am I? will introduce you to the key marketing tactic and a way of thinking about presenting yourself. You will need to be prepared to work with a partner and think about yourself and speak honestly about yourself.

Making Meetings- Sue
This will take you back in time to your memorable moment that’s brought you here today. Youth in Action and the Lifelong learning Programme, thinking globally and acting locally – did it make a difference for you? Come speed dating with a difference and find out, The clock is ticking.

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