Confidence – 

This was a great experience for me. I learned a lot about people from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds. The children who I worked with taught me how to communicate with them without speaking the same language.
Confidence - Before I went there was an empty space inside, but the children I taught really opened my eyes.
Teaching them whilst they taught me how to be the best I can be.
No money no things, I thought that was wrong.
But the smiles on their faces as they learned the alphabet song.
I hope they don’t forget me.
I’ll never forget them.
Playing UNO with my two little friends.

By Robert Joseph, 25 years old, Leonardo Trainee in Peru.

On my own –

The sky was clear, as well as the blue sea, with a rocky beach and straw umbrellas.
The town was square, so if you get lost you always find your way back.
Down the street from the flat was a small park with pine trees and tree arches, carry on & further down.
When I first heard about this project, I though “I can’t do something like this”.
So I decided to take a chance and go on this project.
It was a bit like jumping off a cliff.
I would have never even though of doing anything like this.
So it was really nerve-wracking.
But when I got on the plane the nerves became excitement.
When I got there it was a bit difficult understanding the language.
A lot of people didn’t speak English.
When I first met the people in the flat I didn’t talk very much.
But as the time went on I began talking more and it became a lot easier.
From there it became a lot more fun and enjoyable.

By Charlotte Burton, 20 years old, EVS Volunteer en Greece.

Before & Now –

What changed?
I speak a language I couldn’t speak before.
I understand a religion I had never encountered before.
I ate food I hadn’t tried before.
I had thoughts, I had never thought before.
I wanted to learn things, I had never considered before.
I started yoga, stretching like I’d never stretched before.
I embraced a culture. That I’d never explored before.
I fasted at Ramadan having never fasted before.
I drove a moped having never driven before.
And went fishing having never killed my dinner before.
I started feeling everything was possible. Like I hadn’t felt before. 

By Aoife Crolly, EVS Volunteer in France.


The first time without my mother.
6 months into being 16.
6 months into being independent.
An opportunity has finally shown itself.
How to be myself with part of me missing.
My mum twiddling her fingers.
Her only girl released into the world.
To fly to colonised Africa.
Landing in the parallel lands of where I grew.
But here I blossomed.
The black and yellows of the beach.
The black and yellows of my flag.
The language of love.
But rooted, was the twang of home.
And the spirits of the mountain.
The active volcano.
Souls of my ancestors on the soles of my feet.

By Rheima Robinson, Youth Exchange in Reunion Island.

The dice –  

Now, we have got the dice in hand,
On board this pleasant land.
Let’s take a chance card and
stand tall in a strange new land.
Now I’ve got spring and speed of hand.
Take it to any given land.
From Chile through Africa to Thailand.
Make waves wherever we stand!

By Dave Jarman, 24 years old, LEO Trainee in Reunion Island.

“U know how we do” –  

I’ve been to many places but I will tell you a few sunny weather tropical island,
you know how we do.
I ain’t gonna lie at first I had my issues but soon as I touched down I felt in tune.
Physically, mentally and spiritually too my excitement could not bare no room,
with the heat sucking me in felt like I have been swept up by a tropical vacuum.
When I left, I felt there was something missing maybe hope, desire or a new beginning,
so I sought out:
“Everything Is Possible with the mind-set that everything is possible.”

By Heshi Robinson, EVS Volunteer in Norway.

“Let it flow” –  

The journey is hell and uncomfortable sitting down too long,
is OMG.
Up in the air is like a dove soft and peaceful.
Get off the plane is spiritual and mind blowing.
Feeling it is like heaven just feel,
just feel it just put your head up.
Let it flow let it flow (feel it)!!
Everything is possible…feel it, feel it, feel it!

By Mazz Merrit, 27 years old, EVS Volunteer in Jamaica.

Eastern Europe –

I woke up one morning and went to somewhere in Eastern Europe.
I travelled their by a plane and I had to take two planes to get there.
When I got there it was very very hot, the actual temperature was 46OC, hot!
Also it was exotic.
Before I went I had no understanding of what it was going to be like, I asked people if they knew a bit about it, but the reply I got was from just a few, not knowing anything.
I decided for myself that it was going to be cold and bitter.
When I landed the sun was hotter than I had imagined.
I decided that I was going to explore.
As I did I noticed the conditions were rather raw this did not bother me.
I even though I’d never seen this place before.
The culture and lifestyle was total change.
But life is full of differences and no one is to be blamed.
Being able to have so many people pushing and not giving up on me has made me see that everything is possible if you have belief in yourself.

By Marcus Hylton, 22 years old, EVS Volunteer in Georgia.

Lead me! –  

When I was told about the project in Turkey I wasn’t too thrilled at the idea to be honest. I wanted to be somewhere more exotic and off the radar.
Somewhere I had never been before to do something more I had never done before.
I wasn’t in a position to argue as I was restricted by my availability.
The project was to work with youth within the community to raise awareness about natural resources, recycling, education and road safety.
I just thought it practically the same thing do here in the UK but in a different city.
The more I thought about it the more I came round to the idea thought.
I realised that all my experiences and knowledge here at home could be transferred to benefit young people who had less than the people I was already helping here. This lead me to think and believe that everything is possible.

By Ben Goodman, EVS Volunteer in Turkey.

Step out –

Having this opportunity have really opened my eyes to new things that I wouldn’t have been able to see in my darkest nightmare.
This opportunity could have been someone else’s if I didn’t step out of my comfort zone, to go out in the world and meet new people and
make some connections with these new faces.
“Been able to have so many people pushing and not giving up on me has made me see that everything is possible if you just have belief in yourself.”

By Kemmar Reid, 18 years old, EVS Volunteer in Denmark.

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