We are on the brink of a new era, the Youth in Action Programme finishes at the end of 2013. We are yet to find out what will replace it, although there are already whisperings. In this session we will tell you what we know and let you decide what recommendations we should take back to the European Commission. Have your voice heard.

Are you Dramatic? - Ali & Amy

In this session we will give you a little information on the new programme and an overview of what exists now. This is your chance to make a plea for the type of programmes you believe should stay through a little role play we will create and film for the European Commission to view.

Graffiti Art- Marcus
Great creative effects that can be created with paint pens then given a small board to practice techniques and customise in a similar fashion to earlier sessions with the difference that all the boards will be pieced together to spell 1 overall key word like "future".

A Prezi for you- Eva & Sue
This session will show you an innovative way of using Prezi to showcase your achievements to potential employers, and really send out your message very loud and clear in a way to grab everyone’s attention and help to get you where you want to be. Just a little something to say, ‘wow you did great and stand out from the crowd!’.

Youth Initiatives - Bob
This may be your last chance to take part in a Youth Initiatives Project. Do you know what it is? Are you interested in creating one? This session is your chance to find out about this EC funded programme delivered by the British Council and discover how to apply.

Who am I? - Youth initiative pitch - Helen
Maybe you already know about Youth Initiatives and are ready to apply. We have developed this short but effective workshop to get you thinking about how to best present your youth initiative to the EU! Our primary objective for this course is to show you examples of good and bad brand campaigns to enrich your understanding of marketing communications. We then go on to undertake an exercise to uncover what's great about your business idea and how best to let those at the EU know!

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